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One of the common questions that we’re asked by Woldingham clients is: “how do adult first aid training courses (e.g first aid at work) differ from paediatric first aid training (e.g first aid for schools?)” After all, surely saving a life is saving a life! But in fact there are many nuances here, and all emergency first aid training courses take time to explain how different procedures differ depending on the patient’s age and condition…

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First Aid – Children vs Adults

CPR – One of the most vital things you’ll learn on any first aid training, paediatric first aid training or emergency first aid training course – including standard first aid at work and first aid for schools programs – is CPR. Woldingham residents familiar with emergency first aid provision will know that chest compressions should be conducted with two hands for adults, or one hand for children over 1 years old. With infants under 1 year, just two fingers should be employed. With adults, CPR begins with chest compressions, whereas with children and infants you begin with 5 rescue breaths, followed by compressions.

Defibrillators – Any AED with standard pads can be employed when treating an adult. Specialist paediatric pads are recommended for children under 8 years’ old – but adult pads, if the former are not available, are better than forgoing defibrillation altogether in a life and death situation. First aid training, emergency first aid training and paediatric first aid training courses also teach different placement of said AED pads: one on the chest and one on the back for children between 1 and 8 years of age, rather than the standard two on the chest.

Choking – Another difference between what Woldingham clients might be taught on first aid at work courses over first aid for school courses, is how to deal with choking adults vs babies. Children will undergo a similar procedure to adults, but due to how small babies are, the process here is entirely different and should be learned from first aid professionals such as ourselves.

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