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When you attend first aid training courses with a professional provider – such as Gillett Training Services, who provide a range of courses in the Sanderstead area including first aid for schools, first aid at work, paediatric first aid training and emergency first aid training – there’ll be a good amount of time dedicated to CPR; it’s one of the most essential aspects of first aid as it’s genuinely life saving. And while reading about CPR on the internet is no match for hands-on lessons, there’s a lot of myth busting to do, with all the disinformation floating about. So with that in mind, we’ve run over some simple do’s and don’ts…

TCPR – Do’s & Don’ts

Do call the emergency services before beginning. Even if you’ve undertaken multiple rounds of first aid training, you’re no match for a trained, active-service paramedic in an emergency situation. This is why all courses delivered to Sanderstead based clients, from first aid for schools to first aid at work, paediatric first aid training to emergency first aid training, all emphasise the need to immediately contact the emergency services before starting CPR and similar life saving first aid. It can take them some time to each you, so it’s important to minimise that time by calling quickly.

Don’t compress solely with your arms. This can quickly exhaust you and make it difficult to provide prolonged CPR. Instead, keep your arms straight and leverage your body weight by engaging back and shoulders. By making it a compound movement through utilising multiple muscle groups, it’ll prove far less strenuous.

Do roll unconscious casualties on their side, but... only if you do not suspect there’s been an injury to the spine or neck. This is a core teaching in our first aid for schools, first aid at work, paediatric first aid training and emergency first aid training courses delivered in Sanderstead – choke prevention. If unconscious and lying on your back, you are at risk of choking on fluids such as blood or vomit which can block up the airway. Turning someone on their side can prevent this.

Don’t stop until one of the following happens: 1) a defibrillator is provided, 2) emergency services arrive to continue the CPR, 3) the patient starts breathing again, 4) you physically cannot continue. Defibrillator training is provided in many of our emergency first aid training courses, and can be a part of first aid for schools, first aid at work, and paediatric first aid training – although keep in mind we tailor our many courses to the particular needs of Sanderstead clients.

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