First Aid at Work: The Importance of First Aid Training in Selsdon | Gillett Training Services

It Could Save Someone’s Life – First and foremost, the obvious! Even the most seemingly risk-free of work environments can be the stage for emergency situations, and our first aid training courses are all about being prepared. While first aid for schools is of course a regulatory requirement and no one ever naysays the necessity of paediatric first aid training, emergency first aid at work can mean if there is an injury or someone is suddenly taken ill on site, you can spring into action before first responders get on the scene. Selsdon residents can see how having a CPR-trained individual around could be the difference between life and death.

It Can Reduce the Number of Workplace Accidents – Emergency first aid training not only gives you and your team the skills to react to incidents that may occur over the course of the year, it can also vastly reduce the number of workplace accidents at your Selsdon premises. This is because the course involves raising consciousness of workplace hazards, and situations in which there are risks of injury. Prevention is just as equally a part of first aid at work courses, just as it is in our first aid for schools courses.

It Can Help Minimise Recovery Time – What happens in the immediate aftermath of an emergency situation – e.g someone becoming ill or suffering an injury – can play a massive role in how long it takes for the casualty to recover. Make the wrong moves and you could in fact worsen the situation. In our first aid training courses – including paediatric first aid training – a big aspect is what not to do. Once “first aid faux pas” are out the way, we can begin instructing learners around Selsdon what to do to improve the casualty’s immediate comfort and situation, and to make it easier for first responders once they reach the scene.

It Can Give You a Sense of Confidence in Emergency Situations – We may feel “cool and calm under pressure”, but in emergency situations even the most steely of dispositions can be put to the test. And this is what all first aid training courses, from first aid at work and first aid for schools, to traditional paediatric first aid training and emergency first aid training programs, will cover: keeping a cool head. Selsdon residents who’ve gone through training will have the right understanding of process and what to do, and feel far better equipped to handle an emergency situation with confidence; it’s hard to put a price on that level of peace of mind.

Ensure you’re equipped to handle whatever life throws at you. Invest in first aid training in Selsdon. Call Gillett Training Services on 07545 337 597.