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A core part of our first aid training, paediatric first aid training and emergency first aid training courses– including first aid at work and first aid for schools – is covering what exactly to put in your first aid kit. By planning ahead in this respect, Godstone clients with professional-grade first aid kits put themselves in a position where providing first aid will be straight forward and effective. But first of all, what does the law say?

While it isn’t mandatory to purchase first aid boxes in line with the relevant British Standard – BS 8599 – this is still a good guiding principle if you’re looking to buy a kit “over the counter”. But preferably, you should look to tailor a first aid kit to address the findings of your needs assessment (which sees you identify the unique hazards and risks present within your particular place of work or abode). While delivering training in first aid for schools or first aid at work for Godstone clients, we can go over the finding of your needs assessment, or explain how to conduct one should you be unsure.

An Example Kit

Let’s assume that your needs assessment has identified few hazards, as you’re a commercial client in Godstone that runs a small space that only really handles desk work. The number of requisite staff on site who have undergone first aid training / emergency first aid training depends on the total number of staff, as will how many kits you need to position around the workspace. But the kit itself will typically contain:

  • A faceshield for CPR
  • Sterile plasters and individually wrapped bandages of assorted sizes
  • Sterile eye pads
  • A leaflet with important information on the provision of first aid
  • Medi-wipes
  • Disposable gloves
  • Scissors and tape
  • Safety pins
  • Individually wrapped, un-medicated wound dressings

Another thing you’ll learn during first aid training, paediatric first aid training and emergency first aid training courses, is that medications should not be included as standard within first aid kits. This is because many contain allergens and you may not be aware of the patient’s medical history e.g reactions to particular medications. Godstone residents providing first aid at work or first aid for schools should ere on the side of caution, and stick to the principle of “preventing worsening”. Separately, spare medication for pupils or employees can be carried, and is actively encouraged.

Ensure you’re prepared for any situation by undertaking first aid training with Godstone’s Gillett Training Services.