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Elsewhere on our website, we talk about how important it is to forgo cleaning deep wounds while they’re still actively bleeding. Emergency first aid training, the likes of which Gillett Training Services offers in Banstead and its surrounds, is all about reading a situation and carefully running through a list of priorities, without crumbling under pressure. However, eventually it’s time to clean the wound in question to prevent infection and the nasty consequences it can entail. While this is covered in the paediatric first aid training, first aid for schools and first aid at work courses we offer our clients, here we’ve looked to run over the basis.

If you’ve found this page because you’re looking to undertake said emergency first aid training courses in Banstead, it may not feel totally relevant! In that case, why not pick up the phone and give us a call? We’d be happy to run over our different offerings, from paediatric first aid training, to first aid for schools and first aid at work, and figure out what will best suit your needs and what you’re looking to achieve.

Cleaning a Wound – A Primer

Once you’re sure that the bleeding from a serious cut has stopped, stabilising the patient and preventing further loss-of-blood risking things like the instigation of a state of shock, it’s worth taking off the plaster or dressing you may have applied during this process and giving it a close inspection. This not only reduces the risk of infection, but speeds up the healing process. And what a great thing it is if the emergency first aid training you’ve completed with Gillett Training Services in Banstead, whether paediatric first aid training, first aid for schools or first aid at work, means you also get to speed up a bounce back to full health, and not just (potentially) save a life!

Before taking off that dressing, thoroughly clean your hands to ensure you’re not at risk of causing said infection. Should the wound continue bleeding, go back to applying pressure. Assuming it isn’t, Banstead first aiders can follow the below:

  • Rinse the wound under clean running water for 5 to 10 minutes to get rid of lose dirt/debris.
  • Then soak a clean cloth or gauze with water/saline solution – alcohol free wipes are also a viable option – and gently dab/wipe, being careful not to irritate the injury. Antiseptic is a bad idea as this can harm the skin.
  • Dry the wound and surrounding skin, patting it with tissues or a clean towel. Steer clear of cotton wool and similar materials, as strands can pull off and get stuck in the wound.
  • Reapply your plaster/dressing. Choose a sterile product, the likes of which we help Banstead clients on our emergency first aid training courses stock in their on-site kits. Note: while kits prepared for paediatric first aid training, first aid at work and first aid for school courses can have certain differences, all should contain these absolute essential items!

So that’s how to do it right, in a fairly rudimentary way; our emergency first aid training courses in Banstead help go over some nuances, give simulated practice, and allow 1-to-1 feedback. Plus result in certification you’ve completed paediatric first aid training, first aid for schools or first aid at work training!

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